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iCreate Healthy Me   

Plant-Based Packaged Meals

Online Shop

opens weekly on Wed 9 am-Fri 9 am

 Delivered on Sunday 10-4 pm 

What is "iCreate Healthy Me"?

iCreate Healthy me Meals are fresh, local, packaged and made - to - order meals that we offer online only.

those meals change weekly, and they are NOT on our  Cafe Menu. most meals are Gluten FREE. 

You are not required to commit to buy for multiple weeks like other prepared meals plans.. All you do is check every week meals and choose to buy or skip !!  



Is "iCreate Healthy Me" for me ? 

Are you a busy person to make healthy eating an everyday task to add to all your other tasks?

Are you overwhelmed with the same food you cook every week and looking for something different for your lunch or dinner?

Do you end up buying unhealthy lunch or dinner at work because you did not pack a good satisfying meal for your work load ??

What is the cost of "iCreate Healthy Me" meals  ?

every meal is different, and it all depends on the labor and volume of the meal we offer..believe others when they say they are huge, but mostly $8 to $15 . with 10%  goes to charity.  


Over 600 Meals Sold 

" iCreate Healthy Me " GUIDE and TERMS: 

1- You should place your order by Friday 9 am, we deliver your meal on Sunday 10 am -4 pm .

2- Minimum order per week $25  

3- Free Shipping for over $75 orders 

4- if you are not home, please leave a COOLER in front of your door with ice packs.



This is a local delivery service.

DON'T purchase any meal if you have not applied with the form at " SIGN UP SHEET " 

all applications have been entered to our mapping back-end file, don't apply again !! 

and only (further than 12 miles) applications have been denied and contacted for now.