An Interesting look at who is visiting our cafe!

We have never cared about the numbers or data, we have never marketed our cafe or serviced our meals differently because of age group, gender, etc..

important to say that not all of our customers signed up to Belly Reward Program, I would assume 4 out of 5 had though !!

some notices to mention though:

- We are very happy to see that most of our customers have returned 71%

- 65% are Female almost twice the males.

- The age group is very interesting though, and to see that we don't attract the very young at all.

  • 18-21 is only 1%,

  • 21-24 is 3%

  • 25-34 is 21%

  • 35-44 is 26%

  • 45-54 is 27 %

  • 55-64 is 11%

  • and +65 is 11%

what do you think we should do to attract the youngest ???

Rewards Redemption:

what do you like to see changes in the redemption points ? More Salads ? more smoothies ?

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