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collage of our meals
collage of our meals
collage of our meals

Welcome to iCreate Cafe 

🌱 Welcome to iCreate Cafe, Pottstown's premier vegan haven! Our mission is simple yet powerful: to inspire a mindful and compassionate lifestyle through plant-based nourishment. At iCreate, we believe in crafting a sustainable future, one delicious meal at a time. Our commitment extends beyond plates to embrace environmental responsibility, animal welfare, and promoting well-being. Join us on a journey where every bite makes a positive impact – a celebration of taste that aligns with your values. At iCreate Cafe, we're not just a cafe; we're a movement, inviting you to savor food that's good for you, good for the planet, and simply, good for the soul. 🌿✨ #iCreateCafe #PlantPoweredPassion

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"In 2006, my battle with cancer and the loss of a kidney sparked a transformative journey towards health. Embracing a Plant-Based diet for cancer prevention led me to uncover the inhumanity of animal agriculture. This realization ignited the inception of our journey, initially as a Vegetarian Cafe adjacent to a Computer Training Center. Over time, our focus shifted, and we phased out the computer aspect, making way for our commitment to serving wholesome, plant-based cuisine as our central mission."

Outside of Icreate Cafe

Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

"Nestled just off High Street, our cozy Vegan Cafe resides on King Street, between York St and Hanover St, within a beautifully renovated Eye Clinic. Since our establishment in May 2012, we've evolved into the go-to "COOL" spot for coffee enthusiasts, readers, writers, and Friday night movie buffs. Join us for a vibrant atmosphere and new connections!"

iCreate Cooking Class 

"Embark on a culinary journey with us! While our cooking classes began in 2013, we officially designated a dedicated space for them in 2017 and newer one in 2023. Join us for weekly sessions featuring multiple chefs. Visit our Cooking Classes Page and sign up for our next exciting cooking class experience!"

iCreate News 

on Nov 6 th of 2023 we launched our Latest Menu 2023

we added Ordering Online 24/7

as well a Delivery service on all our Business days


 PLANT BITE a new Cloud Kitchen is going has launched from iCreate Cafe  

Vegan Cooking Classes

Introducing "Healthy Me" Meals" – our latest pre-packaged delivery service. Now accepting applications for clients within a 12-mile radius of our cafe

. Join us in this wholesome culinary experience by filling out the form here.

Having delivered over 700 meals, we're eager to resume the service after a New Year . Stay tuned for the upcoming relaunch!

NEW Ghost Kitchen : Plant Bite 

Exciting news from iCreate Cafe! We're thrilled to announce the soft launch of Plant Bite, our brand-new online ghost kitchen serving up the juiciest and most delicious shakes you've ever tasted! Our burgers are so juicy, you'll need a bib to keep your shirt clean, and our are so good, you'll want to savor every last drop. Order now and taste the magic for yourself!

in the summer we get some of our veggies from our garden 

Some veggies and herbs from my house gar
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