Happy Pride Month

Celebrating June, the Pride Month in iCreate Café with10% discount on all online orders, just use Promo Code : pride when you order online 

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We Re-Opened on July 13, 2020 for

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July,13, 2020 Updates regarding Covid -19 outbreak

We are finally reopening the café!

“The health and safety of our team and guests is our primary concern. We’re relying on the community to navigate this with us. we are trying our best to sanitize all common areas and everything that comes in contact with our staff and customers, we count on our customers to do their part, by wearing a mask and to minimize socializing around, and to keep social distancing with other customers.

since the pandemic is not over, we don't think dining inside is suitable as yet per the CDC, we are offering small tables outdoors (sorry but no reservation available)

We still ask people to stay home if you’re sick. But if you’re not, we want you to order ahead of time you have those options:

- Call 484-312-0404

- Text 484-312-0404

- Order Online for Pick up, Curbside and Delivery on our page 


iCreate Café Team


Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

We are a small Vegan Cafe located one street back from High Street, between York St, and Hanover st. along tree-shaded King Street, in a renovated Eye Clinic 

since we launched our services in May 2012    we became the " COOL" place to hang out, meet new friends, have a cup of organic coffee, read, write and watch a movie on Friday Night...


Background; my personal struggling with cancer in 2006 and loosing a kidney opened my eyes, ears, mind and heart to alternative ways to fight cancer and other chronic disease by adopting a Plant-Based diet, then learning about the inhumane of animal agriculture and how we were raised to normalize eating animal products was a turning point.  That was the start of our journey ( Vegetarian Cafe next to Computer Training Center ) and slowly we phased out the computer part and the healthy plant based food has become our prime goal. 

iCreate Cooking Class 

we started with cooking classes back in 2013 , but we officially designated a room for it in 2017 with weekly cooking classes with multiple chefs. please go here and sign up for our next cooking class 

iCreate News 

on January First of 2019 we launched our Final Menu

you can download a copy of it here !

we added Ordering Online 24/7

as well a Delivery service on all our Business days

Vegan Cooking Classes Starting next week

we have started our new Pre-Packaged delivery meals

" iCreate Healthy Me" Meals

we are taking applications now for clients that are no further than

12 miles from our cafe

fill out form here

we have delivered over 500 meals and looking forward to start the service again soon after we stopped in the summer.  



in the summer we get some of our veggies from our garden 

Some veggies and herbs from my house gar

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