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pre prepared meal
pre prepared meal
pre prepared meal

What is "Healthy Me Meals"?

Experience the freshness of Healthy Me Meals, exclusively available online. Our meals are locally sourced, meticulously packaged, and crafted to order. With a weekly rotation, these unique offerings are not featured on our cafe menu, and most of them are gluten-free. Unlike other prepared meal plans, there's no obligation to commit to multiple weeks. Simply browse our weekly selection, and decide whether to make a purchase or skip that week!  

Is "Healthy Me Meals" for me ? 

Are you finding it challenging to incorporate healthy eating into your daily routine amidst a busy schedule? Tired of preparing the same meals every week and craving variety for your lunches and dinners? Do you often resort to buying unhealthy meals at work due to a lack of satisfying packed options for your workload?

What is the cost of "Healthy Me Meals" ?

Each meal varies based on the labor and volume involved in its preparation. While some may describe them as substantial, the majority fall within the $5 to $15 price range. Additionally, 10% of the proceeds contribute to charity.

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Over 900 Meals Sold!! 

"Healthy Me Meals" GUIDE and TERMS: 
1- You should place your order by Friday 9 pm, we deliver your meal on Monday 4 pm - 8 pm .
2- Minimum order per week $40  
3- Free Delivery for over $95 orders 
4- if you are not home, please leave a COOLER in front of your door with ice packs.

This is a local delivery service.
DON'T purchase any meal if you have not applied with the form at " SIGN UP SHEET
all applications have been entered to our mapping back-end file, don't apply again !! 
and only (further than 12 miles) applications have been denied and contacted for now.

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